What you need to know about us!

Odlar Shop

Welcome to Odlar Shop, the largest distributor of installations in the country! We are a team of suppliers and distributors of building facilities equipment, which started our activity in 2013 in a traditional way.

Our central warehouse is located in Tabriz. We cooperate with the best manufacturers of installation equipment and our effort is to be able to supply all the equipment needed by this industry to the domestic market at the most suitable prices.

about us odlarshop

Odlar is a popular name among the sellers and buyers of installation equipment, which is represented in most parts of the country. We buy our products from the manufacturer and offer them to the market at the most suitable price.

Odlar has expanded its scope of activity to the online market for less than a year. It is hoped that one day we will be able to be the most well-known online store for utilities in the country!

The biggest advantage of Odlar, as we said, is the competitive prices it charges for its products. Along with the reasonable price, the good quality is another advantage of Edalar products. Because without having a high quality factor, it is not possible to get maximum customer satisfaction.

The product you buy from Odlar Shop has a test period of up to 7 days. That means you can check it from any point of view and if you see a problem with the product’s performance, contact us to return it!